Our prescribed supplements area provides links for our recommended products. You will find your individualized supplement prescriptions there.

Start one supplement at a time for 3 days. Increase the dosage (if recommended) after the third day. Check for and report immediately any reactions or side effects. Read the ingredients so you don’t buy a combination of supplements. Report immediately if you become pregnant, start any new drug treatment or schedule a potential surgery.

The nutritional supplements, food or food products, and nutraceuticals used at Nutrily are considered safe but may have potential side effects. Clients must understand that some supplements may be toxic at large doses. Clients will notify Nutrily immediately if he or she notices any unanticipated side effects associated with the consumption of supplements. Clients must not expect Nutrily practitioners to be able to anticipate and explain all possible risks and complications of treatment, and the client wishes to rely on the practitioner to make decisions that are in his or her best interest, based upon the facts then known. The use of supplements indicated by the practitioner should only happen within the timeframe prescribed and Nutrily will not be responsible for supplement usage passed the period prescribed, after the end of the program, or from early program termination by the client.
It is the responsibility of clients to disclose fully any drugs currently in use, including other herbs and supplements. Any suggestions that the effect of a medication is being altered by the simultaneous use of a supplement should be reported to Nutrily. It is also advisable to stop taking supplements at least 3 months before a surgical operation and in the event of being prescribed anticoagulants, antiepileptic, and antiarrhythmic drugs, until expert advice is received.
It is the client’s responsibility to inform Nutrily about all aspects of his or her health and, as the service progresses, to inform the practitioner of changes that occur. Clients who become pregnant should immediately notify Nutrily so that treatment strategies may be adjusted accordingly, as well as stop taking supplements until advice is received from Nutrily - while the client is still participating in our Nutrily services.



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