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Good Nutrition Is Great Self-Care

Updated: Jan 4

Women are tireless caregivers. Moms with small children have difficulties finding time or energy to care for themselves.

While men and women nowadays share more responsibilities at home, moms still spend twice as much time with their children versus dads.

For women who have small children, work outside the home, and manage a household, time can often feel very, very short. It’s not just the actual housework or meal preparation that is the issue. It's all the attention, planning, and thinking that goes into holding down what amounts to two jobs on top of the caregiving, teaching, and even driving children to activities and appointments.

Self-care puts moms in a better place to give the best of themselves to whatever their responsibilities are. Many people think that taking time to take care of themselves is selfish. Selfishness is when we put interests or opinions first, to the detriment of the well-being of the people we interact with. While self-care is taking care of yourself, focusing on your well-being.

Self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence. It will allow people to perform better at work, have more patience and be more attentive with their kids and/or spouse, and perhaps be better people.

If you are looking to up your self-care routine, consider focusing on nutrition. Self-care by another name is nourishment. Consider these three tips for your nutritionally driven self-care:

1- Foods that help manage stress and fight depressed mood

The right foods will help you boost brain and mental health while growing new brain cells, creating new connections, and improving your problem-solving and memory functions. Fixing your gut, decreasing inflammation and excessive amounts of toxins, providing adequate nutrients for brain health, water, improving blood flow, exercising frequently, sleeping well, some calorie restriction or fasting routines can all help boost mental performance.

2- How you are eating

How you eat determines your nutrition and healthy eating habits just as much as what you eat. Creating an environment free of distractions and clutter can promote a more peaceful and mindful mealtime. It also helps to recognize hunger and satiety cues so that you don’t overeat. Whenever your self-care is invested in increasing your food awareness, you deal with physiological and emotional issues. Turning off the TV, avoiding being on the computer, or putting your phone aside during mealtimes are all essential tips for food mindfulness. The self-observation process is essential to find out which guidelines have more adherence to your lifestyle, way of being, and feelings.

3- Nutrition for aesthetic purposes instead of a spa

Because moms are busy with their everyday lives, they often neglect their food. That’s not good for health or appearance, since a diet that properly nourishes the body is the key to a harmonic body, an ideal weight, and ultimately, the silky hair, soft skin, and strong nails that everyone wants.

Also, in an attempt to maintain an ideal weight, many people focus on the calories they consume, and not the nutritional value of the food itself. Unfortunately, this often results in increased hair loss, acne, and weak nails. In addition, consuming the wrong types of foods can lead to inflammation of the body’s cells and the breakdown of collagen, keratin, and elastin (essential components of lustrous hair, healthy skin, and fast-growing nails). Lastly, a toxic overload, stress, and a poor diet all contribute to a drab complexion, dry, thin locks, and brittle nails that never seem to grow.

The flip side: one of the most rewarding things about eating a healthy diet is that your hair, skin, and nails are often the first to change when your diet improves! Why? Because they are all influenced by the foods you choose to eat, and given that hair and nails are made from keratin, it makes sense that your diet choices affect them similarly.

A balanced, wholesome, varied diet that includes mindfulness during mealtimes can be a crucial part of self-care, as the food you eat and how you eat it directly impact your overall health, ability to thrive, and wellness. It's great for your children to see you practicing self-care because you are modeling healthy behavior.

Nourishing your body properly is the foundation of health. Healthy nutrition is an investment in yourself. Your self-care should start there.

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