considers the whole body and looks at interactions including genetic, gut bacteria, food sensitivity, environmental, cultural, and/or lifestyle factors to promote long-term health.

a set of nutrition actions for the prevention of diseases and/or its aggravation.

​— Functional Foods

— Nutrition in Aesthetics

— Wellness Focus

— Muscle & Fitness

— Preventive Nutrition

— Integrative & Personalized

— Preventive Nutrition       

recreational weight lifters following a diet adjusted to their training to promote greater chances of achieving their goals.

— Muscle & Fitness           

the state of being in good health maintained by lifestyle



Owner and dietitian

— Wellness                         

promotion and maintenance of beauty, as well as prevention and management of disorders related to body shape, hair, nails, and skin.

foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.


— Integrative & Personalized Nutrition   

— Nutrition in Aesthetics  

— Functional Foods        


Nutrily, pronounced nutri-lee, is a nutrition consultancy company that follows a holistic approach. With Nutrily, you can learn about a meal plan specialized just for you and how to incorporate the right supplements to meet your needs and goals.